White lipicans

Kutjevo horse Dressing Room with its White Lipizzans has a rich history of events before and after the Second World War …

On the cultivation of exclusively white Lipizzanians who dominated all competitions, Kutjevo wrote thorough and exhaustive documentation until 1959, when about fifty mares and about twenty pastors, together with the breeders, moved to Đakovo.

Our famous Andrija Boskovic, author of the book says:

“For one visit to the Nicholas City Library, at the same time, a group of students inquired about pastoralism that once existed in Kutjevo. When I realized that the library had almost no material related to the subject, I decided to collect as much as possible and write the book myself. It must not be forgotten that in the 1938s the Anglican Lipizzans had brought three gold medals in the strong competition of nearly 600 racial horses from 17 countries in Germany in Aachen in 1938.

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