Ivan Josip Babić, Obitelj Turković, Antun Gustav Matoš

Significant names in Kutjevo after the reign of the Turks 1536-1686

-Ivan Josip Babić - nobleman who has been in Kutjevo since 1686 - Conservatives of the Society of Jesus (1668-1773) who build a famous castle and parish church, renew the basement and promote vineyards and cellars -Obitelj Turković (1882-1945) when Kutjevo had the greatest flourish -Antun Gusta...

A favorite place with the most beautiful view of the Anguilla treasure-vineyards of Grays.

Vila Vinkomir

Young and old, tourists and vineyards at this place record their most beautiful moments. It is one of the symbols of the city of Kutjevo and tells a special story that is transmitted from the knee to the knee. Zdenko Turković gave a memorial to Vinkomir. The building was created as a copy of th...

The central and the finest town square - Graševina Square

Square of Graševina and small vineyard

Kutjevo is one of the few towns that are named after the queen of wine - graševina to name the central and most beautiful city square. Graševac Square is a favorite place for tourists when it comes to events and wine events. It is interesting to note that there is a small vineyard on the square ...

One glass for medicine and two are Kitokret...

The famous Kitokret of Sontaky winery

The famous Kutjevo Black Wine - "Kitokret" reveals you an interesting legend that has been part of the historical heritage of Kutjevo for 40 years. The guests are delighted with their aroma and it is proven to give great love power to everyone who tastes it. When you come to Kutjevo you will cer...

Kutjevo - a town of rich legends and wine stories

Family vacations in vibrant vineyards

Come to Kutjevo - a town of rich legends and wine stories. Get to know the queen of wine - Graysevin and find out all about the traditions and traditions that relate from your knees to your knees. Weekend-ideal to spend in rich Kutjevo vineyards. A visit to the Graševci Square and the Graševac ...

Kutjevo - the town of the 13th century and Cistercian (white friars)

Kutjevo – the town of the 13th century and the Cistercian

With the arrival of the Cistercian monks known as "white friars", the first written data about Kutjevo from 1232 were mentioned. The Cistercians founded the Abbey of Vallis Honesta de Gotho (worth worshiping) as a monastery property. White friars start growing grape vines and producing wine.


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