The Queen of Kutjevo wines


Due to its ideal position, soil, climate, grain is the 19th most famous variety from which the best wine droplets are obtained. It has been in the Kutjevo vineyard for 150 years and people have embraced and loved it precisely because of its safe birth. It delivers a good table to high quality and ...

Rich treasury of old items

Ethno Collection Bošković

The unobstructed station at Kutjevo is located near the very center of the city, it is necessary to climb the whitewashed street and you are at our happy 80 year old Mr Andrew Bošković, who will gladly receive you to the talk bar and reveal you a rich story of his ethno collection of old items . ...

Kutjevo horse Dressing Room

White lipicans

Kutjevo horse Dressing Room with its White Lipizzans has a rich history of events before and after the Second World War ... On the cultivation of exclusively white Lipizzanians who dominated all competitions, Kutjevo wrote thorough and exhaustive documentation until 1959, when about fifty mares a...


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