Ethno Collection Bošković

The unobstructed station at Kutjevo is located near the very center of the city, it is necessary to climb the whitewashed street and you are at our happy 80 year old Mr Andrew Bošković, who will gladly receive you to the talk bar and reveal you a rich story of his ethno collection of old items .

The retired person – ANDRIJA BOŠKOVIĆ has been collecting old stuff for the past ten years, and everything started as a hobby. The little boy, who had lived in California for years, left him several oldies.

– This is the most beautiful museum in the world. This building is 300 years old and has served as a horseshoe. I did not buy any items, but they were given to me by people who did not want to fall into oblivion, “Andrija said. They thanked them for the fact that the name of the owner and a brief description of the subject’s history was written below each donated item. With people who help him expand the collection, he meets and collects things at fairs throughout Croatia. Boskovic proudly describes the 1800-year-old chest produced by his friend after he accidentally discovered him in the attic.

– He had disrupted him and had no where to go with her and wanted to throw her away. The girls were wearing clothes and after having married her, she wore it from the parental home – says Bošković, who also holds the Austro-Hungarian ammunition box from 1906, but one of the most valuable items was his 1775 cobra. There were ten items for their items, but they refused them all. He hopes his hobby will recognize someone in the ministry because he wants to leave it all to the state.

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