Vila Vinkomir

Young and old, tourists and vineyards at this place record their most beautiful moments.
It is one of the symbols of the city of Kutjevo and tells a special story that is transmitted from the knee to the knee.

Zdenko Turković gave a memorial to Vinkomir. The building was created as a copy of the observation from the Turkish rule of 1939, and today it offers visitors an unforgettable panoramic view of the Golden Valley

Vineyard appeal (position) Vinkomir has for centuries been one of the best places to grow vineyards of Kutjevo vineyards, one of the best quality vineyards in Europe.


Family Turkovic successfully managed three generations of Kutjevo manor (1882-1945), built a basement from 1896. In 1904 they placed a rare specimen of glass coated and in the ground a built-in concrete tank capacity of 525 hl., As well as a commemorative Vinkomir 1939.g advancing well and strengthening Kutjevo’s position as the center of wine culture throughout the region.

Greta Superstars (Academic Painter and Sculptor) and Zdenko Turković (lawyer and oenologist who completes the knowledge of the vineyards in the most advanced vineyards: France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, Syria, Syria, California and apply knowledge to the manor house in Kutjevo) they took over the family farm in Kutjevo in 1925 and managed it until 1945. They were subsequently awarded the title of Baron and Baroness because of their extraordinary contributions to the advancement of the economy. Joint forces have painted and written the first Ampelographic Atlas (the fundament of modern wine making in Croatia) where vineyards were identified for the first time in the vineyards of Croatia (Atlas is used in all relevant European agronomic universities). This first eno-bible best captures the wine oasis of the Golden Valley through history. A fraction of this history is kept today in the vineyards where 400 ha of its own Kutjevo d.d. they cultivate chardonnay, merlot, pinot black, white and gray, train, rice and grated vegetables, where Kutjevo’s cellars are widely recognizable and rewarded.
Zdenko Turković, world expert in the field of ampelography and enology, in the first ten years (1925-1935) creates an exemplary economy. He particularly emphasized the cultivation of grape vines on smaller areas from which he increased the amount of potatoes and sugar, which ultimately influenced the higher quality of wine. The first one worked on wine plantations

(Vinkomir position), and made wine growing more profitable, based on the work of the acquired scientific research work. First introduced modern technology in wine cultivation, using among other things Kober 5 BB, the founder of the first mothers in Kutjevo, and the brighter vineyards and their health. Zdenko Turković is one of the most prominent persons involved in the development of wine growing in Croatia, who has published 128 bibliographic units on his work and research, has left rich documentation, booklets, and a series of manuscripts on fruit and wine growing, gaining numerous foreign and domestic awards.

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