The famous Kitokret of Sontaky winery

The famous Kutjevo Black Wine – “Kitokret” reveals you an interesting legend that has been part of the historical heritage of Kutjevo for 40 years.

The guests are delighted with their aroma and it is proven to give great love power to everyone who tastes it.
When you come to Kutjevo you will certainly remember the famous phrase:

“One cup of medicine and two are frill”

Kutjevački Kitokret
This wine is a beneficial effect on health, as is spoken by the oral tradition of older Kutjevcans (and still potent!), Our black-and-white roses produced in the traditional way. The legend of Kitokretu is part of the historical heritage of the town of Kutjevo, and it speaks of the marvelous Kutjevčanin, which daily speaks of two “glittering” glasses, as it termed the red wine, vanished in the night. Where he went, he never found out. It was only known that she was worshiped among women.
The newest history of Kitokret begins in the mid-90s when Hrvoje Sontaki, today’s owner of the family winery Sontacchi, as the initiator of the visual identity for the Kitokret wine, begins to fill Kitokret in bottles. Kitokret’s tradition is then continued, and Kitokret finds himself at the tables of many artists, entrepreneurs, athletes, ministers, and presidents, and enjoys a cult status among them.
The secret of Kitokret’s power lies in the sun, rain, wind and vineyard of our family, which was first planted by grandfather Miroslav more than 40 years ago. The grape from which Kitokret emerges grows on the south-eastern slopes of Krndija, bordering on the Golden Valley, in the position of Venje. Kitocra is produced from grapes treated only by ecological means. Selected yeasts and yeast foods are not used in production, but indigenous yeasts and vineyards are used. After fermentation, Kitokret is aged 12 months in barrels in the Sontacchi basement under the Grass Square in Kutjevo and filled into bottles without filtration.
Kitocra comes from cabernet franc, portugizac, cabernet sauvignon and zweigelt, in unequal and volatile proportions depending on the vineyards, but always according to the taste of Kutjevo.

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