A thousand carp on a rabbit came to the victory of Croatia


VETOVO – For decades with the place Vetovo, especially because of the two fish restaurants and the excellent Matičevac Fishing Company and their ponds, fish dishes and fish specialties were tied. These were four years earlier than the idea that they managed to raise the enthusiasts from Vetovo to a significantly higher level and get another very successful event this year, the 4th Fisherman’s Evening. This year, in the center of Vetova, at St. Vinka gathered a lot of guests, primarily lovers of fish specialties, good music and good friends, excellent Vetovaca wines, and this year and winding for the fiery end of the big screen.

Several thousand visitors to the unique St. Vinka, where the vineyard owners also have their own vineyard, really tells that the Slavs are eager for fish and fish specialties. Valuable hosts prepared hundreds of liters of dud and 1,000 carp on rake. All this was prepared by the members of the Fishing House Lukač, and all the Vetovačke udruge were attended by the members of the ŠRD Matiševac Vetovo, DVD Vetovo, NK Kamen Vetovo, Veteri Vetra Castro Vetovo Association, Vranovac Hunting Company and Templar Association.

The fisherman’s evening is a little longer for Vetovčani because organizing and accompanying events, from tournaments, competitions, matches and wine reviews. For the first time, a Memorial Hunting Tournament “Mato Marinclin” was organized in honor of the late hunter of a member of the Society. Among the five teams, LD Slavonac from Kutjevo with 81 points followed by LD Vranovac with 72 and veterans LD Vranovac with 52 points. The best individuals were Krešimir Šebalj with 19 points and Ivica Pospišil, both from LD Slavonac with 18 points, and Ivan Grbić LD Vranovac with 17 points.

At the fourth archery tournament Veteri Castra, organized by the Templar Association, the team winner is the Shooting Team of Kuna from Pakrac, and the individual winner is their member, Damir Marošević.

This year’s champions have been named in the mutual eye of the Vetovački winemakers, members of Veteri Castra Association, in the quality of the wines. The best-known white wine is Rajnski rizling Winery Branko Jakobović, and in the case of black wines, cuvee Vetovo’s black producer Vina Soldo. Plakets and cups for all winners were handed over by the deputy county prefect Zeljko Jakopović with greeting cards and hosts on an excellently organized Fisherman’s evenings, now a traditional manifestation, which Vetovo and its inhabitants are drawing from other settlements. Such manifestations are becoming more and more our tourist adventures that bring tourists to our regions.
For the music support this year was in charge at the beginning, young tambourines TS De Gotho from Kutjevo, they were really excellent TS Yellow Squad from Cernik, and concluded after the transfer of the game one of the best TS of the Djakova.

Source: http://pozeska-kronika.hr/drutvo/item/11281-tisucu-sarana-na-rasljama-prijalo-uz-pobjedu-vatrenih.html

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