NOĆ OTVORENIH PODRUMA – Kutjevo Bakers proved to be a successful tourist product

KUTJEVO – The Tourist Board of the City of Kutjevo organized the “Night of Open Cellars” which was held yesterday in the cellars Kutjevo Bakery, Krauthaker, Sontacchi, Perak and Cugerland. This has enabled all wine lovers and guests to visit the most attractive Kutjevo basements and discover their wine stories. We met a group on a tour of the Kutjevo Canton under the expert guidance of Valentine’s Guide.
“I was alone, and for the first time I was in the tour of Kutjevo Canton under professional guidance, before I was once. For the night of the open cellars we heard through Facebook, and my brother Tomislav and me are also interested in tourist offer, city tours, history. So we recently went to a trip to Zagreb to visit Advent. The night of the open basement seems to be an excellent idea as it promotes the company, our end and tourism, “Marko Jugovic, one of the visitors, told us.

“It’s about getting to know the basics of the basement and getting to know our winemakers who make the most prestigious drops. This year-to-year event will be upgraded with additional tourist themes and products to showcase all the beauty of Kutjevo’s basements and attract more and more visitors, “said the tourist community leader, Jasmina Kukić. The night of the open basement is an introduction to the Vincelovo town of Kutjevo which will be held this year on January 20th in Graševac Square. Visitors are expecting free tastings and stories of winemakers, announced the head of TZ Grada Kutjeva Jasmina Kukić.

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