GERMAN TOURS VISITING SLAVONIA and discovering the secrets hidden by the Kutjevo basement

One of the winners of this year’s “Golden Penkala” award is also Kristine Hinkhofer, author of the “Slavonia – The Most Beautiful Croatian Secret” reporter about the two-day event held in mid-April in Munich, attended by the Mayor of Požega City Darko Puljašić, the director of the TZ Silvija Podoljak family, Pandžić family and others, with the aim of promoting the tourist offer of Slavonian destinations Kristina with the other participants of the assignment went on a study trip to Slavonia, where he met with the head of the Kutjevo Tourist Board, Jasmin Kukić, who warmly welcomed them and together with the cellar manager Valentino Silovic the guests welcomed and welcomed the mayor of Požega Darko Puljašić and the directors of the town of Kutjevo, who was the leader of the tourist community of Kutjevo, and the guests welcomed and welcomed the famous secret of the Kutjevo wine cellar. TZ Grad Požega, Silvija Podoljak.

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