“Evening of Poetry” at OPG Livak in Kutjevo 2018.

On Saturday, July 7, 2018, in the evening at OPG Livak in Kutjevo, the “Večer poezije” was held for the second time, where, despite the match between Croatia and Russia and many events in Požega, there were gathered 30 poets and poetry lovers and nature. In a pleasant companionship and atmosphere with a snack and a drink, in the sea of ​​beautiful lyrics and very interesting recitations, and with the accompaniment of the reciters to the guitar, there were a total of 11 poets and reciters. In the welcoming speech of the event host, Predrag Livak, he wished everyone a pleasant evening, a good mood and to win Croatia, which eventually came to fruition.
Jure Vidakušić, president of the KUD “Rama local society” Pleternica made the author song “Santa Claus”, and young members of the same association Ivamarija Jakovljević, Ružica Pavličević and Nika Jakovljević performed poems by poet Ivan Čuljka from Rovišća. Blaženka Jurdas from Pozega recited the songs “Who am i what I am” and “There”. Predrag Livak recited Jure Kaštelan’s song “I do not hate the world” and apologized for the short story “One Brko, or all in the Number One”. A member of the Association of local writers and painters of Požega-Slavonia County “Matko Peić”, Mira Šulc, recited the songs “In the Clouds of the Sight”, “No Souls” and “Free of Slavonic Fields”, and Kata Tutić, from the same association, Loza uz balkon “,” Known as “,” Family “and” I Love “.
Željka Kukić, a poet from Dvori na Uni (originally from Kutjevo), recited the songs “Kutjevo u srcu”, “Lađa života”, “Molitva” and “Putokazi”.
Zorislav Vidaković, a poet from Osijek, has recited the songs “Lonely Old Man”, “If I Meet,” “Great Fallen Down” and “Crazy Jamro”.
Kristina Koren, a poet from Zagreb, performed the songs All You Need to Know “,” The Glow of the Inferno Lake, “” The Fire in the Throne, “” Odana Silence, “” Are You Safe, “and” In The Pupils of Time “.

In pauses, Jura Vidakušić sang a few songs among them and the most famous (performed on HTV):
“A White Globe”

Livaka arrived at the estate
Make a white hay picking.

There is no tea up to the white heather
Likarija is my heart.

The leafy tea and the white flower
It heals the helplessness of the soul and the body.

Still to see the smile on your face,
When you add some brandy to tea.

From HTV people came to us,
It would not raise your readership!

The author of this song is Jure Vidakušić, and the lyrics were written by Predrag Livak.

It was just a pleasant evening, spontaneous, friendly, filled with beautiful lyrics, music and emotions, which all agreed, should be repeated!
This cultural event in nature was supported by the County of Požega-Slavonia, which by this act proved to support such a unique event that is an interesting part of agriculture, nature and culture.

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