Kutjevo Adventure – Kutjevo as a positive tourist story and a brand that everyone recognizes

KUTJEVO – Kutjevačka advenTura, a day-long social gathering for both small and great was scheduled today, the day before the Badnjak. Kutjevo and Kutjevo spent the day hanging out with Santa Claus, visiting stalls, sausages, cooked wine, but also with love at a special place for kisses. We joined the adventures and found out what the December look like in Kutjevo. Everything was happening in the Kutjevo Square of Grain.
“We are happy because in these ten days we have been doing our best and collecting people of good will from Kutjevo, who can contribute to the products of this story. Here are the exhibitors like OPG Livak that deals with teacups, followed by Czech craftsmanship, KUD Bektež, Kundakčić family from Grabar, which is famous for cured meat products, meders, winemakers and other various subjects who made this event, Advent in Kutjevo “, apologized is for Slavonski.hr head of Kutjevo Tourist Board, Jasmina Kukić.

Recall, Mayor Josip Budimir managed to repair the debt due to which the Tourist Board account was blocked for over two years and the Tourist Board has recently started operations headed by Kukić. The results are already visible, the Kutjevačka advenTura event is just the beginning of a planned wider tourist story.

“We got a chance to promote Kutjevo as a tourist destination, I immediately joined the young team of creative people who shook their sleeves and enriched their creative offer with programs and events. We are ready to withdraw funds and receive additional projects from the Croatian Tourist Board and the Ministry of Tourism for the purpose of promoting and continuing the creation of Kutjevo itself. We want to make Grašev as a main brand, gather our winemakers and be locomotives to launch events and positive tourist stories. We are also active in all social networks, we are constantly talking about positive tourist stories and we want people to recognize us further, “said Mrs. Kukić.

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