TOURIST BOARD OF CITY OF KUTJEVO – On healthy grounds in the new period of Kutjevo tourism

KUTJEVO – A press conference on the re-launch of the Kutjevo Tourist Board was held today in the City Hall in Kutjevo. Mayor Josip Budimir managed to repair the debt for which the Tourist Board account was blocked for over two years, and we and the new leader, Jasmina Kukić, introduced us to the plans and activities for the forthcoming period and more specifically to the organization of the advent program in Kutjevo. for the first time this year.

“As we all know, we inherited what we inherited in the city administration, namely the financial situation and the doubts, and we inherited it in the Tourist Association. The HRK 90,000 debt for thirteen years, due to interest, grew to HRK 320 thousand. At that moment we were unable to repair that debt that was a heavy burden on the city. The tourist community has been blocked for almost two years and nothing could be done, especially in terms of applying for funds or attracting funds for projects that would contribute to the tourist development of this city. After several months of meeting with debt claimants, the Trajbar team, we managed to negotiate a debt reduction through tedious negotiations. We agreed on a new amount of HRK 190 thousand, “said Mayor Josip Budimir.

Half a year ago, after the closing of the debt, the Tourist Board had flourished. “In the meantime we organized the work, set everything on sound grounds so that history would not repeat. After all, we finally came to hire a person who will only deal with tourism issues in Kutjevo. The city of Kutjevo is a brand and I can say with certainty that there is perhaps the greatest tourist potential in our county. I believe that this young team will achieve what we all want and that is to raise tourism in Kutjevo to a higher level, which certainly deserves, “said Mayor Budimir.

The new head of the Kutjevo Tourist Board, Jasmina Kukić, will, according to announcements, do everything to develop the tourist potentials of Kutjevo. “I am extremely happy that we have been given the opportunity to promote Kutjevo as a tourist destination, and I am also pleased to have entered into a young team of creative people who, at the very beginning, have squeezed their sleeves and creative work enriched their offerings with programs and events. We are ready to withdraw funds and receive additional projects from the Croatian Tourist Board and the Ministry of Tourism for the purpose of promoting and continuing the creation of Kutjevo itself. We want to make Grašev as a main brand, gather our winemakers and be locomotives to launch events and positive tourist stories. Also, we are active in all social networks, we always talk about positive tourist stories and want people to recognize us further. The immediate cause of this gathering is to present officially the first advent in Kutjevo. This event was named Kutjevačka Adventure and will take place on the square Graševina Square, 23.12. from 15 to 19 o’clock. We imagined it as a traditional Christmas story, through a rich program of that four hours. We will revel in Kutjevo’s little ones who will have the opportunity to paint with Santa Claus, and we have also prepared a rich entertainment program, “said the head of the Tourist Office of Kutjevo.

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